The Pretenders

1. Precious
2. The Phone Call
3. Up the Neck
4. Tattooed Love Boys
5. Space Invader
6. The Wait
7. Stop Your Sobbing
8. Kid
9. Private Life
10. Brass in Pocket
11. Lovers of Today
12. Mystery Achievement

* 1981 – Pretenders II

1. The Adultress

2. Bad Boys Get Spanked
3. Message Of Love
4. I Go To Sleep
5. Birds Of Paradise
6. Talk Of The Town
7. Pack It Up
8. Waste Not Want Not
9. Day After Day
10. Jealous Dogs
11. The English Roses
12. Louie Louie

* 1984 – Learning To Crawl

1. Middle of the Road

2. Back on the Chain Gang
3. Time the Avenger
4. Watching the Clothes
5. Show Me
6. Thumbelina
7. My City Was Gone
8. Thin Line Between Love and Hate
9. I Hurt You
10. 2000 Miles
* 1986 – Get Close

1. My Baby
2. When I Change My Life
3. Light Of The Moon
4. Dance! (full Length Version)
5. Tradion Of Love
6. Don't Get Me Wrong
7. I Remember You
8. How Much did You Get For Your Soul?
9. Chill Factor
10. Hymn To Her
11. Room full Of Mirrors

* 1987 – The Singles

1. Stop Your Sobbing
2. Kid
3. Brass In Pocket
4. Talk Of The Town
5. I Go To Sleep
6. Day After Day
7. Message Of Love
8. Back On The Chain Gang
9. Middle Of The Road
10. 2000 Miles
11. Show Me
12. Thin Line Between Love & Hate
13. Don't Get Me Wrong
14. Hymn To Her
15. My Baby
16. I Got You Babe

1994 – Last of the Independents

1. Hollywood Perfume
2. Night In My Veins
3. Money Talk
4. 977
5. Revolution
6. All My Dreams
7. I'll Stand By You
8. I'm A Mother
9. Tequila
10. Every Mother's Son
11. Rebel Rock Me
12. Love Colours
13. Forever Young

* 1995 – The Isle of View

1. Sense Of Purpose
2. Chill Factor
3. Private Life
4. Back On The Chain Gang
5. Kid
L6. I Hurt You
7. Criminal
8. Brass In Pocket
9. 2000 Miles
10. Hymn To Her
11. Lovers Of Today
12. The Phone Call
13. I Go To Sleep
14. Revolution
15. The Isle Of View

* 2000 – Greatest Hits

1 Brass In Pocket
2 Message Of Love
3 Don't Get Me Wrong
4 Kid
5 Human
6 I Go To Sleep
7 Forever Young
8 I Got You Babe
9 Night In My Veins
10 Spiritual High
11 Talk Of The Town
12 Stop Your Sobbing
13 Hymn To Her
14 2000 Miles
15 Breakfast In Bed
16 Popstar
17 Middle Of The Road
18 Thin Line Between Love And Hate
19 Back On The Chain Gang
20 I'll Stand By You

 2001 – Viva el Amor

1. Popstar
2. Human
3. From the Heart Down
4. Nails in the Road
5. Who's Who
6. Dragway 42
7. Baby's Breath
8. One More Time
9. Legalise me
10. Samurai
11. Rabo de Nude
12. Biker

2002 – Loose Screw

1. Lie To Me
2. Time
3. You Know Who Your Friends Are
4. Complex Person
5. Fools Must Die
6. Kinda Nice, I Like It
7. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
8. I Should Of
9. Clean Up Woman
10. The Losing
11. Saving Grace
12. Walk Like A Panther

2006 – Pirate Radio

Disco: 1

1. Precious (Regent Park Demo)
2. Stop Your Sobbing
3. The Wait (Single Version)
4. Kid
5. Tattooed Love Boys
6. Mystery Achievement
7. Brass In Pocket
8. Porcelain
9. Talk Of The Town (U.K. Single Version)
10. Message Of Love
11. Cuban Slide
12. What You Gonna Do About It
13. The Adultress
14. Bad Boys Get Spanked
15. I Go To Sleep
16. Day After Day
17. Birds Of Paradise
18. The English Roses
19. Time The Avenger
20. Watching The Clothes (Denmark Street Demo)
21. Show Me

disco 1 :
Disco: 2
1. Back On The Chain Gang

2. Thumbelina
3. Thin Line Between Love And Hate
4. My City Was Gone
5. Middle Of The Road
6. Tequila
7. 2000 Miles
8. When I Change My Life (Alternate Version)
9. My Baby
10. Worlds Within Worlds
11. Don’t Get Me Wrong
12. Hymn To Her
13. Tradition Of Love
14. Room Full Of Mirrors
15. Reconsider Me
16. Hold A Candle To This (Alternate Version)
17. Windows Of The World
18. Never Do That
19. No Guarantee
20. Not A Second Time

Disco: 3
1. Sense Of Purpose

2. Downtown (Akron)
3. How Do I Miss You
4. Bold As Love
5. When Will I See You
6. Hollywood Perfume
7. Night In My Veins
8. 977
9. All My Dreams
10. Angel Of The Morning (Original Version)
11. Money Talk
12. Rebel Rock Me
13. I’ll Stand By You
14. Every Mothers’ Son (Demo)
15. Love Colours
16. Private Life (Live)
17. Lovers Of Today (Live)
18. Creep (Live)
19. Criminal (Live)
20. Revolution (Live)

Disco: 4
1. Everyday Is Like Sunday

2. Human (Class Mix)
3. Popstar
4. Back Down
5. California
6. The Needle And The Damage Done
7. From The Heart Down (Alternate Version)
8. Who’s Who
9. Biker
10. Nails In The Road
11. Legalize Me
12. The Homecoming (Live)
13. Up The Neck (Live)
14. Fools Must Die (Live)
15. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
16. Lie To Me
17. Complex Person
18. You Know Who Your Friends Are
19. I Should Of
20. The Losing

2008 Break Up The Concrete

1. Boots Of Chinese Plastic 2:31

2. The Nothing Maker 3:58
3. Dont Lose Faith In Me 2:45
4. Dont Cut Your Hair 2:14
5. Loves A Mystery 3:01
6. The Last Ride 3:40
7. Almost Perfect 4:48
8. You Didnt Have To 3:09
9. Rosalee 4:14
10.Break Up The Concrete 2:41
11.One Thing Never Changed 3:44

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